Virtual Lunch Conference Call

Wednesday September 07, 2022 - Virtual Lunch Conference Call

11:30am to 12:30pm **Note Time Change**

We'll be taking to the phones and do a lightweight & more portable conference call rather than the much more data-hungry Zoom. Feel free to join even if just for a few minutes. We're looking forward to catching up!

RSVP below for conference call information.

Invite and bring a friend, colleague, client, neighbor or someone we will love in your spheres of influence from our region or world. Dreamers, start ups, established businesses, freelancers, rebrands are always welcome.

We're growing into the name that Laura Merriman-Moritz and Tara Blenis Boutoille selected for us in 2007. It took a while for us to use social media. Join us in cyberspace as we continue to share positive energy while we helping each other locate connections, resources or support.




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