About the Orange County Day Chapter

The talented duo of Laura Mauritz and Tara Blenis Diefenbach started the Orange County Professional Women's Network (OCPWN) in 2005. Monthly meetings were held in the evening & they raised funds to help Safe Homes of Orange County.

There's something special about women's networking, and Melanie was introduced to the benefits of membership by our dear friend Susan Quade of Quade Consulting, while Criss was introduced by Cheryl Fils-Aime of Cherphoto Images.

Around January of 2007 the network incorporated, the name was changed to the National Women's In Network (NWIN) and Laura & Tara rolled out a plan to open more chapters and expand nationally. The second chapter was in Bergen County, New Jersey, and we are the third chapter formed. Our first Orange County Day Chapter meeting was held at The Copper Bottom in May, 2007. At its peak, there were over a dozen chapters of the National Women's In Network in the Tri-State area.

Laura & Tara eventually stepped aside and passed the torch to the leaders of each chapter. We're the last remaining chapter. All other chapters folded several years ago.

We meet at a variety of Orange County restaurants in the Hudson Valley and there are no membership dues or attendance requirements: we have changed to a per-meeting fee in lieu of a membership fee.

Please bring flyers, business cards, your smile & guests. Ladies are welcome at our monthly meetings. All are welcome at our fundraisers.

It is our honor to raise funds & collect back-to-school supplies for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate program run by the Dispute Resolution Center in Campbell Hall). CASA's talented volunteers are advocates for abused & neglected children. To learn more, call Chelsea Paterson or Bryan Welsh at (845) 294-8082 or visit their website. If you have time, resources or gifts for children, please share them freely with CASA. This dynamic organization is close to our hearts & we greatly appreciate your support.

We're looking forward to seeing you again or to meeting you soon at a monthly meeting or a co-ed fundraiser.

National Women's In Network Mission

Code of Ethics

As a member of the National Women's In Network, you will be encouraged and expected to hold yourself to very high standards. We feel that there are certain core values that every woman must possess and expect our members to have these basic values.


We believe that self-confidence is one of the most important things needed to build a solid foundation of success and well being. Self-confidence is something that many women are lacking and the National Women's In Network is a great place to grow and nurture that part of your inner self.


Competency is very important in building personal and business relationships. Know your business and know it well. Always strive to keep learning and sharpening your skills.


Integrity is important in every aspect of life and will help you build an outstanding reputation both personally and professionally.


Be Reliable and be true to your word.


Be truthful and act with fairness.


Conduct yourself in a professional manner. This encompasses many of the previous values but in one word expresses what is expected of National Women's In Network members.

Where does the meeting fee go?

Please note that our organization is not a not-for-profit or non-profit, and meeting fees are a business expense for our attendees, not a charitable donation.

The meeting fee goes towards the networking group's expenses -- for example: running our meetings and fundraisers, bank fees, website fees, printed materials, tickets, etc.

When you bring a guest to a meeting, please request a coupon for $5 off at a future regular luncheon meeting. You may use this coupon yourself, or as a discount incentive for your next guest (and earn another coupon!). The coupon discount does not apply to fundraiser events. You may apply 2 discount coupons to attend a meeting without a meeting fee, thus if you always bring 2 guests and request your coupons, you can attend without meeting fees indefinitely.

We used to make arrangements with a restaurant for a 3-course meal for attendees and charge a flat $30 per person for lunch. Money above and beyond that which was paid to the restaurant went towards other expenses. As the economy changed, and many ladies did not want the pre-arranged lunch due to dietary restrictions, we decided to change to our current "pay your own meal" format and charge a flat $10 per person as a meeting fee, giving our ladies full control over their menu choices. This works best for smaller groups, but if attendance grows restaurants may pressure us towards a fixed price menu or reduced-choice arrangement again.

From time-to-time we hold a low-maintenance fundraiser luncheon where the $10 meeting fee is waived and we request a direct $10+ donation to CASA and eliminate our organization as a go-between. Those meetings are co-ed and this change to our normal meeting structure is announced in advance.

When we run a larger co-ed fundraiser event, we collect the ticket money to offset catering, marketing expenses, room fees, insurance, etc. and the remainder of the ticket price after event expenses goes to CASA.

Help Promote Our Events

Please feel free to help us promote NWIN events, and use the official logos below. Right-click on logos to save them to your computer. Size reduced for space considerations.

Usage: Please use logos with a link back to http://nationalwomensinnetwork.com or if it's a fundraiser logo, please use with a link directly to the fundraiser event being promoted.


Fundraiser LogoGroup Logo

Member Logo

Usage: If you have paid a meeting fee in the last 12 months, please feel free to consider yourself a member of NWIN and display our logo on your website, business card or promotional materials with a link back to http://nationalwomensinnetwork.com or short URL http://revx.me/nwin

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