Membership Information

The Orange County Day Chapter is now open-membership; there are no annual membership fees.

Meetings which used to be $30 and included a 3-course lunch are now a $10 meeting fee, and pay-your-own-lunch. This allows people to control their own expenses and choose from the full menu, exclude dessert, adhere to their personal dietary requirements, etc.

Benefits of attending our chapter meetings

Our members find our meetings to be an open, accepting and supportive networking opportunity. Most events are intimate and the networking style is relaxed and casual. When the group is larger, or there are many new members in attendance we have a brief (under 1 minute each) go-around.

New Member Incentive

If you bring a guest (someone who has never been to our events before) to a meeting, please request a discount coupon. We give you a coupon for $5 off your next meeting -- or you can give the coupon to a new guest for the next meeting.